Seaways Caravan Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Yes.. Provided they are kept on lead's and cleaned up after
Yes.. You can have a choice of location on our parks subject to availability
Yes.. Although the design and size will depend on the pitch you chose-we would suggest coming to the park, looking at piches available and choosing a design thereafter.
Yes.. Family and friends are welcome-subletting is allowed on all but a few of our sites and many owners find this can help towards there annual running costs.
No.. Unlike many other operators, with Blue Anchor Leisure, Owners can enjoy their holiday home for as long as they like. What we do ask is it's kept in a respectable condition.
Yes.. All new holiday homes come with a manufacturers warranty of 12 months. All pre-owned caravans come with a 3 month warranty. Please note once sited and connected by our staff all caravans are given water, gas and electric checks before we will allow occupancy.