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We require your ID & Proof of Address

The ongoing pandemic has brought many issues both locally and nationally throughout 2020 and into 2021, our parks and the local governing authority (East Lindsey District Council) have faced many ongoing challenges.

One of the major issues created by the government enforced closures during the three lockdown periods has been the unauthorised permanent occupancy of static caravans on holiday parks and the confusion surrounding any caravan owners who have opted to pay council tax on their holiday home. If you have any queries regarding council tax you may have paid on your holiday home please contact the council tax department at East Lindsey District Council.

East Lindsey District Council have taken a strong stance on this situation and are addressing their definition of permanent occupancy on holiday parks and will be ensuring that their site licence regulations are enforced across all holiday parks within their jurisdiction.

All holiday parks in the area are granted a site licence by East Lindsey District Council, this sets out the guidelines and permits the park to open to the general public for a set period of time each year for static caravans to be used for holiday purposes, this does not permit residential occupancy. This condition is part of our site licence agreement granted by East Lindsey District Council and has always been a feature in our Park Rules and Licence Agreement.

Failure of the park to adhere to the site licence conditions will lead to prosecutions by East Lindsey District Council of both the caravan owner and park operator and the possible withdrawal of the site licence forcing the park to close permanently. 

Moving forward, to ensure that we are operating all of our parks within the legislation set out in our site licence, East Lindsey District Council have now made it compulsory for ID and proof of your permanent address to be provided annually. We understand that this information would have been collected from you at the initial point of sale however regular updates will now need to be provided, we will require these additional documents to be supplied along with your signed Licence Agreement (copy enclosed) to be provided to our account’s office prior to the opening of each season. Unfortunately, you will not be permitted to occupy your caravan until we have a copy of the requested information.

We will require the following forms of ID:

1.  Photographic ID - Please provide one form of ID from the list.

Driving Licence


We will require a written explanation if you are unable to provide either of the forms of ID listed above.

2.  Proof of Address - Please provide two items from the list. Each item must be valid within a 3 month date range and clearly show your name and home address.

Council Tax Bill

Utility Bill

Mortgage Statement

Lease Agreement

Vehicle Registration Document

Medical Documentation

Bank Statement

We will require a written explanation if you are unable to provide any of the proof of address documents listed above

We trust that you understand we have no option but to enforce these regulations and collect this information as proof of your primary residential status to ensure that our site licence obligations as laid down by East Lindsey District Council are being met. Further information regarding caravan occupancy can be found via the East Lindsey District Council website.